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Youreka Science is a popular Youtube channel that pioneered the concept of whiteboard explainer videos when it launch in 2012 and has since built a large and loyal following. The channel saw a huge uptick in followers with the rise of online learning during the pandemic and needed a brand identity and website to enter this new chapter.

I worked closely with Youreka Science to rebrand and rebuild their website, which have collectively modernized their digital presence, strengthened brand perception, improved the user experience, and distinguished them as a leader in the online learning community.

Project goals:

  • Strengthen brand perception with a cohesive Youtube brand strategy & modern website
  • Improve the user video experience for greater scanability and sorting functionality
  • Highlight Youreka Science as a desirable partner for video content creation



A new brand identity

The Youreka Science brand is creative, approachable, educational, and relevant and all elements of the brand identity were design to reflect this.


Youreka Science opted for a complete redesign of their old logo. The new lockup draws inspiration from their unique whiteboard video approach and the play on words in their name. The new logo reflects the brands approachable, playful personality while still coming across as polished and professional.

The website

The old Youreka Science website was a valuable repository of information, but needed to be modernized and streamlined for a better user experience. To make that information more readily accessible, we restructured the site map, created an easy-to-use video cataloging system on the backend, and streamlined the on-page content.

Persona development

We divided site users into two broad categories: video seekers and prospective partners. Video seekers fall into three categories: students, friends and family of diagnosed individuals, and recreational learners. Partners span foundations, medical institutions, universities, and online learning platforms looking to collaborate on video content.

User flows

It was important that videos were heavily featured on the site and easily accessible from any page, so we made video browsing the primary call to action and prioritized featured video content on the homepage. We created a new cataloging system for the video archive and implemented that meta data for improved user scannability and sort functionality.

The site needed to inform prospective partners about collaboration opportunities as well. We therefore added a new page to the site for partnerships and built out content around what organizations can expect from working with the channel.

The user interface

We streamlined the UI to make the site more user friendly and leveraged the new monochromatic color palette to make a strong brand impression. We also incorporated hand drawn marker accents throughout the site using a vibrant secondary palette to evoke the channel’s unique content style.

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