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Laura in her San Francisco studio

Hi there, I'm Laura

I am a visual designer from San Francisco who specializes in the creation of story-driven brands and websites. I create from my sun-soaked studio in the Outer Richmond.

I believe in the power of design to tell stories and have a meaningful impact. I aim to harness this power within each of my designs. In addition to my years of experience in design, I completed a two-year graphic design certificate program at City College of San Francisco and worked as part of the Emerge Studio.

Prior to my career in graphic design, I worked in public policy. I learned an important lesson in that time—effective policy is driven by the people it aims to serve. You won't succeed without their understanding of and stake in the message. Design is no different. I apply that experience to my design work today, asking questions, combing the data, and integrating what I learn into thoughtful, meaningful, and effective design. The result: strong, authentic design that effectively communicates your unique message & has an impact.

My Approach

I collaborate with my clients to create a design strategy centered around their business goals. The result: strong, authentic designs that effectively communicate clearly and have an impact.

1. Strategy

We start with the big picture, familiarizing ourselves with the goals & objectives underlying a project. From there, we create a plan, or design strategy, to ensure our creative solutions compliment those goals. The result: a strong, authentic design that communicates your unique message.

2. Research

We conduct research to put the design strategy into real-world terms, evaluating important questions about your audience, industry, competitive landscape, and more. We pride ourselves in conducting high-quality research rooted in asking the right questions, and asking them often.

3. Design

Your visual story is in good hands. We design with purpose, taking all that we’ve learned and crafting compelling visual content that tells your unique story. We take care of everything, from conceptualization to production, allowing you to focus on the big picture, whatever it may be.

4. Launch

We ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed after your brand or website has launched. From comprehensive style guides to on-going web support, we're here to help make sure your brand performs at its optimal level.

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