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Spanish Book Box

Project Overview

Spanish Book Box is a monthly Spanish children’s book subscription that connects parents to unique, high-quality books sourced directly from Latin America. The company works directly with authors and publishers to find the most culturally relevant and special stories for kids. When you’re a part of Spanish Book Box, you also get relevant educational activities, monthly audio and visual resources, and thoughtful inserts and add-ons that make for an immersive and personalized experience. 

The company needed a brand identity that reflected the rich cultural and educational experience parents and children receive each time they open their monthly box. The project encompassed brand strategy, web design, and package design, as well as a complete suite of communication tools. 

Project Goals

  • Celebrate the vibrant cultures of Latin America
  • Make it fun and easy for kids to learn Spanish 
  • Create an elevated brand experience
  • Stand out and get recognized



Brand Identity

I set out to create a brand identity that reflects the unique and exciting feeling parents and kids get from opening a new book. Each Spanish Book Box—much like each story—contains magic within. Opening your box unlocks the magic of language and cultural exchange. The logo, color palette, and typography are approachable, whimsical, and light-hearted. 

Art Direction

It was important that the Spanish Book Box brand also reflected the vibrant land and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. We chose illustrations to capture that vibrancy and used them in print materials and across the website. We chose stock illustrations that appealed to a younger audience and felt warm, friendly, and lively. We arranged them to create a cohesive fabric of interwoven illustrations that, as a whole, feels boisterous and full of life.

These illustrations are not original. They are stock illustrations, carefully selected to match the brand
Illustrations featured on the homepage of the website

Package Design

With the bold logo and cloud of illustrations, the Spanish Book Box is immediately recognizable.

Box Inserts

Spanish Book Box is more than just a monthly book subscription—it's also an experience. It was important to founders, Maria and Pablo, that recipients also learned a little bit about latin & hispanic culture with each box.

Therefore in addition to a unique book, monthly subscribers also receive unique print materials, stickers, and interactive activities guaranteed to make each unboxing engaging and educational. I worked closely with founders, Maria and Pablo, to ensure each insert aligned with the brand identity and brought life to the box.

A welcome letter from Founders Maria and Pablo Gimenez
(Left) A monthly coloring sheet accompanied by fun facts; (Right) A guide to access additional resources for parents
Each box includes a unique sticker to adorn that month's book.

Digital Marketing

Color, illustration, and eye-catching typography bring the Spanish Book Box brand to life on social media. The digital strategy combines authentic, behind-the-scenes snapshots of the business at large with vibrant, uplifting branded content to promote engagement and drive site traffic.

Web Design

The website is the only point of sale for Spanish Book Box, thus converting visitors to subscribers is the site's primary objective. We saw it as an opportunity to showcase the brand personality as well. The site greets visitors with the charm of the product itself and leaves a strong brand impression designed to resonate even after the’ve gone.

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