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City College of San Francisco Event Posters


CCSF departments organize a number of events and productions that are widely attended by students and San Francisco residents alike. They need promotional materials that communicate important details while also reflecting the personality and nature of the event.

I worked with a diverse array of departments as a member of Emerge Studio to design posters fitting and unique to the event and audience.

Project goals

  • Tailor the creative direction of each poster to the event
  • Capture the attention of students and city residents 
  • Showcase CCSF as an key member of SF’s arts and culture ecosystem



Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love is a playful comedy which explores gender roles and fluidity as well as the inequality of male and female social roles in the Elizabethan era. The play’s theme of gender as a performative act is largely visualized by clothing.

I collaborated with Andrea Wrobel on this project. I was responsible the creative direction and digital illustrations and Andrea took on the layout design and type treatment. Our final composition plays with the use & significance of disguises in the play to get a more serious theme of gender and sexual fluidity.

Fashionsphere 2020

Fashionsphere 2020 is an immersive, dynamic event meant to capture the ever-evolving atmosphere of fashion industry. Departing from traditional fashion runway shows, CCSF fashion students showcased their work in 10’x10’x10’ stalls.

Inspired by this new format, my poster features a runway leading up to a stall amid billowing atmospheric clouds. The composition draws the eye in and entices viewers with the endless possibilities of the blank space and what designers will create.

Spring Concert

Cherry blossoms—the harbinger of spring. This spring choral concert poster is imbued with the freshness, beauty, and joy that comes from the first buds of spring.

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