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California FarmLink 20th Anniversary

California FarmLink is a non-profit organization that connects farmers across California with the resources they need to grow their businesses and thrive. I worked with the organization to create a commemorative logo to mark their 20th anniversary.



Looking Forward, Honoring the Past

The FarmLink team wanted the commemorative logo to use all the elements of the existing brand. Therefore, the challenge was designing something distinct enough from the old logo to feel special and yet similar enough to be recognizable.

Putting Farmers First for 20 Years

The iconic FarmLink barn sits at the center of the composition in the anniversary logo, symbolizing their central role in FarmLink’s mission. The fields in the foreground are streamlined and given perspective for a more modern effect, indicating FarmLink’s modernizing approach.

Linking farmers to the resources they need

Twenty years of linking farmers to the resources they need, symbolized by the interlocking numbers that accompany the organization name. Taken together, the old and new visual elements in this anniversary logo achieve the desired balance between special and familiar.

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