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Bumpercrops Consulting

Bumpercrops is a financial strategy consulting firm that works with revolutionary changemakers to support their plans for systemic social change.  The firm needed a brand identity and website that reflected their unique personality and approach. Both needed to convey the expertise and professionalism of a traditional CFO consultancy with a more mission-driven and humanist approach.

Project Goals

  • Elevate the brand experience
  • Attract compatible partners and clients 
  • Convey the credibility and integrity of the business
  • Stand out and get recognized



Brand Identity

I worked closely with founder, Jonathan Harrison, to design a brand identity that captures the firm’s unique mission and personality.

The challenge was developing a visual identity that incorporated the unique brand name—bumper crop—which is an unusually abundant harvest from a particular crop. The term is now most commonly used to refer to a large amount or influx of something (that’s often likened to a harvest).

The resulting logo merges a row of crops with a dynamic bar chart to reflect the significance of the name and the data-driven services prospects can expect from the business. The accompanying typeface is inspired by old farm signage to reinforce the literal and metaphorical agricultural roots of the business.

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