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Project Overview

Am-Tran is a leading medical logistics company that has built a competitive foothold in its regional market via word of mouth and in-person networking. Am-Tran needed an online presence that reflected its stellar reputation and contributed to business growth as well. 

I worked closely with Am-Tran to redesign their website and develop a digital marketing strategy that has modernized their business, improved brand perception, generated more leads, and distinguished them from both local and national competitors. 

Project goals

  • Reach more prospects through digital channels & improved SEO
  • Improve brand perception with a modern website & social media presence
  • Modernize the customer experience via improved online order management 
  • Strengthen brand loyalty via more touch points for customer engagement 



User experience research

A website requires a strong foundation of UX research to communicate quickly and effectively to target users. At the outset of this project, I partnered with UX experts at Scio Motus to conduct interviews, define user groups and task flows, establish the information architecture, and create wireframes.


Am-Tran's site needed to support existing and prospective customers—a delicate balance for any business. To achieve this, a company needs to understand what they want to say, what prospects want to know, and what customers need to do. We interviewed Am-Tran's management team and a dozen Am-Tran customers to get a clear picture.

In addition to creating a seamless customer experience, I also want to have the customers feel as though we’re hitting on their own core values. The things that are important to hospitals and health care providers in general, are also important to us and something we want to express on our site.

–Jim Hobbs, President

Defining user groups & goals

Targeted Am-Tran site users comprise two groups—information seekers and Am-Tran customers—with differing goals. Information seekers are motivated to find relevant information about the company (pricing, service area, services, i.e.) and their goal is to determine its reliability, trustworthiness, and quality of service. Am-Tran customers are motivated to place and tracking orders and access account information and their goal is to do so quickly, reliably, and easily.


We leveraged our UX research to create interactive wireframes. From there, we were able to move to site design, content development, and copywriting with difinitive direction.

The user interface

Light, dynamic, professional, personal. These are attributes define the new Am-Tran site. Each site element—color, typography, icons, buttons, and photos—is designed to embody these attributes and work as a cohesive system to communicate a clear brand message to visitors.

API Integrations for improved tools

The new site established new and improved tools for Am-Tran customers, including account login and delivery tracking capabilities as well as a dynamic quote calculator. This added significant value to Am-Tran customers who indicated that timely account and delivery management were top priorities.

An updated brand strategy

Am-Tran's brand identity has helped the company stand out for nearly 20 years. We approached modernizing the brand strategy with the goal of maintaining the brand's defining visual elements while updating outdated and ineffective elements. Coupled with a comprehensive digital marketing plan, the brand strategy presents Am-Tran as an advanced, modern choice for medical logistics—leagues above the competition.


A small business with a personable brand identity needs assets that show the faces (and in this case the vehicles) behind the business. All the more so for a business like Am-Tran whose employees interact with customers on a daily basis. I directed and oversaw the execution of a series of photos that gives Am-Tran the assets they need to showcase their services in the most polished and professional manner. The photos, which captured real drivers and vehicles as they made their daily routes, are honest, friendly, and inviting. Just like Am-Tran.

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